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Puerto Rico's Problem
It's true, even before the hurricane, Puerto Rico had a big problem. Whatever USA thought about overseeing the problem it stayed at just observing the mess and hold their chins. We can agree that the problem lies in lack of Puerto Rican leadership and that maybe the reason why it PR can't get any help from the USA. They think the island has failed and the governor has a giant stack of money somewhere in some secret bank while asking The Feds for $100 billion to fix the problem.

But whether the governor spends $1,000 in a pair or shoes or not, the USA has failed in in managing the territory because they treat Puerto Rico, as an "adopted orphan" or as a rogue teenager that they have failed to supervise. Maybe the PR Gov. is trying his best but that best is not enough. Even the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) hasn't helped.

PROMESA is a US federal mandate, a committee to fix the debt, and expedite procedures for approving critical infrastructure projects in order to combat the Puerto Rican government-debt crisis. But, behold... the crisis remains and nobody is doing anything to solve it! The governor is at odds with the board, the board is at odds with the governor. USA just didn't follow up! "Let them eat cake" they said.

Puerto Rico is not the only one with this kind of a problem

Oversight committees turn the other cheek to the corruption, too unwilling or too weak to confront it head-on. There have been objections to the board’s composition because nobody actually follows up!! The blind continue to lead the blind and nobody know where's going or IF it's actually going anywhere at all !!! These committees are slow, sloppy and inefficient.

The people of the Island, thinking that they're entitled to tender loving care, sit back and wait for somebody to do something... but nobody does anything.

WHO's GONNA FIX the PROBLEM? A corrupt private sector that will pocket the money making matters worse? The beloved Governor?
Certainly not the Mayor of San Juan, whatever her name is! The Independentistas? The Muslims? Heavens NO! We'll be wearing turbans and jihads before you can say "WHACHAMACALIT".

Short of a miracle, The people need to organize themselves and get to that Capitol building and demand action!!  ....as soon as a qualified leader shows up from the mountains... with two tablets and a staff

YES... a MIRACLE !!!


This is the bottom line

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