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Don Jíbaro's Daughter: A
Missionary in Mexico

DON JIBARO'S NOTE: Frances, after a successful missionary quest in Cuba in 2009, has embarked in a new endeavor: Mexico, where she'll be teaching deaf and mute children.

Here's her story:
"At the age of 18, while listening to a missionary speak at a youth camp, God touched my heart and opened my eyes to a broken world that needed to experience His transforming love. At that moment, I knew I wanted to "travel the world for Jesus" and the mission field would be my goal. It would be at age 30 where I would be spiritually mature enough to take that first step of faith towards making it a lifestyle. Little did I realize that I have been taking steps of faith throughout my life preparing me for this moment. I believe this is an act of obedience to the Lord and a huge leap of faith to pursue such an opportunity.

Book Review
by Don Jíbaro
Cinco Siglos
 de Historia

About 14 yrs ago I visited La Universidad de Puerto Rico. At their bookstore I asked for the BEST book in Puerto Rican history they had. "Cinco Siglos de Historia" in Spanish, by Francisco Scarano from Fajardo now teaching at the Univ. of Wiconsin-Madison)...I own it... I READ IT, loved it, now my brother in law asks me "What's good in PR Hist? "DON'T LET THE PRICE FOOL YOU, there's none BETTER, in real Academic SPANISH" Read for yourself

Identity Today

by Don Jíbaro
The Cultural Quest for Identity is an incredible phenomenon. It has been the theme of countless works of science, art and literature. One's personal identity can be manifested in any part of the world. All you need is behavior. You are who you are no matter where you stand. We are Boricuas when we behave like Boricuas; otherwise we're John Does. Some live at home and some live abroad. Some behave, some don't... but, what makes one a Boricua?

The answer to that question is so deep that I'd need to write a book to convey the many aspects of the human character that makes us who we are. Suffice it to say that the right to be Boricua can't be imputed by others nor monopolized by those how feel they have studied more or display more of the traits that would characterize a Puerto Rican.

Identity is a state of mind in where there's an urge to manifest one's origins. That urge is prompted by many sociological and psychological factors... the most common is being absent from the Island surrounded by different types of peers from all parts of the globe. Another factor lies deep beneath the personality traits we show. It is simply the fact that we've been a colony, a protectorate, a territorial possession , et al... for over 500 years. Did you hear that? FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!!! More than any other land in the world. MORE

¿Are Thou Politically Correct?

Political correctness or political correctitude (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is an attitude or policy of being careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who are believed to have a disadvantage.

ou and I know that every one passionately strives to be "cool, avant-garde, and, of course, politically correct." You can hardly say anything to anyone anymore, because they might get "offended" if a tiny speck of boo-boo falls in their politically correct 'botella de lechita'... or better said, "lacteous nourishment container."  How about "homeless" becoming —"outdoor urban dwellers"? Hearest thou an Amén?

Nowadays, children hit and disrespect their parents and you can't spank 'em anymore, cuz they lock you up! Prisoners now sue their victims... and as my Tio Genaro used to say "Birds shoot back at the shotguns." Gasp!! I know no' mo'.
Read More


"It's better to have loved. Period."

Don J
Who Dat Man?

by Les Rivera

One of his quotes from reads: “A Puerto Rican shall not be boring.” so, to describe Don Jibaro as anything less than riveting would be an understatement of his own philosophy. Don Jibaro is the owner/operator of some of the world’s busiest Puerto Rican websites, Over the years, Orlando (his real name) has also left a legacy of volunteer work in the Los Angeles area...
Read Here

Chulerías ASCII
(ext. chars.)

HOLD ALT and enter codes in the number pad right of keyboard, then release ALT
(sorry, it only works with the number pad)

Á = 0193
É  =  144
Í = 0205
Ó = 0211
Ú = 0218
© = 0169
® = 0174
Æ = 146
æ = 145
« = 174
» = 175
á = 160
é = 130
í = 161
ó = 162
ú = 163
ü = 0252
ñ = 164
Ñ = 165
¢ = 155
¿ = 168
¡ = 173
½ = 171
¼ = 172
¾ = 0190
– 0150
— 0151
° = 248
•  = 249
÷  = 0247
¢ = 0162
‘ = 0145
’ = 0146
“ = 0148
” = 0147

Politically Correctness...

is oftentimes bringing us more chaos than order. It is now fashionable to claim different ethnic roots. However, many are trying to define racial and ethnic groups without stepping into each others toes… a task that is becoming more difficult each time. As Puerto Ricans we are, of course, included in a whirlpool of confusion and struggle in a psychological hand-to-hand combat with our peers.

Everybody wants to have a somewhat aristocratic quality or flavor relating to their own gentry and no one desires to be identified by vulgarity or rudeness… However, maintaining or striving to maintain the appearance of superior or middle-class social status or respectability requires hard work as individuals as well as a community.

This work must be devoid of false delicacy, prudery, or affectation. It's so true that, while none no one wants to be classified as a phony, not too many care to abstain from behaving or doing the things that automatically will make you one... like promising something and not delivering it.

We have learned that the greater proportion of the members of an ethnic group of people determines the group’s character. This tends to preserve ithe basic form of civilization and customs, arts and crafts, legends, traditions, and superstitions from generation to generation. Thus, we pass on what and who we are.


"It's better dry bread in peace, than a feast in a house full of fighting." Prov.17:1


Why Are We So Tired?
Research by Don Jibaro
tired (tīr'd) adj. — in need of sleep or rest; weary. FATIGUED, exhausted, worn out, weary, fatigued, dog-tired, dead beat, bone-tired, ready to drop, drained, zonked, wasted, enervated, jaded;

Have you ever noticed that you are just so tired and do not know why? Medical Fatigue is not tiredness caused by running a mile or two. Fatigue (exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, etc.) is a subjective feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and has a gradual onset. Unlike weakness, fatigue can be alleviated by periods of rest.

Physical fatigue is the inability of a muscle to maintain optimal physical performance, and is made more severe by intense physical exercise. Mental fatigue is a transient decrease in maximal cognitive performance resulting from prolonged periods of cognitive activity like A LOT of UNNECESSARY THINKING. It can manifest as somnolence, lethargy, or attention fatigue and system collapse. READ MORE



Bingo The Dog Plays The Drums

The Puerto Rico That Was Not

by Don Jibaro Barbablanca

ith the Internet  phenomenon, I have found that most of my pals of the R&R youth years are still doing well... in Florida. Although many Puerto Rican rather have the island's landscape beauty, others feel the economy there is detrimental for the kind of lifestyle they want. College grads, policemen, teachers, artists and a slew of other professionals are seeking Florida. WHAT happened? Is the local economy THAT bad? Where's the money gone? (Please don't say the Governor's shoes) READ STORY

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"Everyone has two opinions: The one they really believe in and the one they want
the world to think they believe; and they seldom merge into one."  ----Don Jibaro

How to Understand The Bible
A Comprehensive yet Simple Approach to Bible Study
by Don Jibaro

These guidelines are designed both for the new Christian and the teacher who will be giving the lessons, in other words the Disciple and the Discipler. The Scripture references must be read out loud to aid in the pronunciation and absorption of the Bible truth disclosed therein. Also as a mnemonic device, these basic lessons will help you to memorize Scripture.

The Discipler or teacher should know the Bible verses by heart and must have sound “hermeneutics” or a correct interpretation for each one of them. This is imperative to avoid a chain reaction of biblical heresy that will be passed on and on. Incidentally, that's how para-religious groups and cults are born: a misinterpreted Bible truth is taught and passed on. Each time, like a snowball, it gets bigger and bigger, collecting a variation as it gets passed on. In this fashion a term like "gospel" may end up meaning Country and Western music. So, to get a correct interpretation, three valuable key concepts must be taken into consideration: READ MORE

Breeding  Boricuanism in USAricans
By Mrs. Don Jíbaro
n our house, everyone knows that there is a Puerto Rican father living here. The neighbors know it. The congregation of our church knows that there is a Puerto Rican among them. My relatives know that I am married to a Puerto Rican. Even the people at my job know it! What does that tell you? He is who he is and he’s proud of it. In our house we eat Puerto Rican meals. There are Puerto Rican flags in the living room along with wood photo plaques of typical country scenes adorning the walls: ceramic coquis, wooden pilones, lace fans and a three by one foot wooden clock in the shape of the island.

Who in The World Was Juan Tizol?
The Puerto Rican Trombonist that Made up Duke Ellington's Band

One of my favorites jazz tunes of all times is "Caravan" but I never knew that the composer was a Puerto Rican. Juan Tizol was born in San Juan Puerto Rico on Jan. 22, 1900, started music lessons early, was trained as a valve trombonist and as a teenager played in the San Juan Municipal Band. Tizol moved to the U.S. in 1920 and became valve trombonist in the pit band of the Howard Theatre in Washington DC, was a member of the Marie Lucas Orchestra, Bobby Lee’s Cottonpickers, and the White Brothers Band. His big break came in August of 1929 when he joined the Duke Ellington Orchestra...


The Empty Bed
A few years ago I was playing my guitar at home. I came upon this old tango my Dad used to quote... La Cama Vacía" (The Empty Bed). I remembered the lyrics and went on to sing it as I played. Half way through the song I began to weep. I didn't stop playing, and my singing became a cry of sadness.
With tears in my eyes, I stopped! The words were too sad, so sad that I had the image flashing in my head while my heart was pounding in my chest. I was "living" the story... the empty bed... I was so brokenhearted that I had to translate this tango into English and share it in my website. The sadness lies in "the fallacy of friendship" and the fact that the words of the song are so true... so moving that you can't avoid "living" the story.  DJ  READ MORE

As an amateur historian, I have no intention of re-writing history... so please abstain from shooting in this direction if you happen to disagree with me. I just want to, if you'll allow me, add a little bit more of light unto the data we already have. Remember... "a picture is worth a thousand words." Therefore, memory is worth having, especially for those of us who weren't there.  If you travel to some areas in Puerto Rico, you might be able to see some traces of all those years ago. Everything was simple, significant and impacting. Your Grandma told you about those times. ¿Didn't she?

Caserio en Ponce 1942  --- The first housing projects were not concrete apartments as became in the 1950s and 60s, but individual houses with their own outhouses (letrinas) --- READ MORE

The Ponce Massacre of 1937
was a police slaughtering over a peaceful civilian march, taking place in 21 March 1937 at 3:15 pm, in Palm Sunday, Ponce, Puerto Rico, that killed 19 people and wounded over 200 others. It is the largest massacre in Puerto Rican history. The march had been organized by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico by the governing Spanish National Assembly in 1873. The march was also protesting the U.S. government's imprisonment of the party's leader, Pedro Albizu Campos, on alleged sedition charges.  READ MORE

Love yourself... just in case nobody does.

Don't spread rumors, good or bad;
instead SPREAD Love and Kindness

Bitterness and Resentment
by Don Jibaro

Bitterness is the response of anger or hatred toward the perception of unfairness of wrong done to or FROM people; a word that has become synonymous with anger and spite; bitterness being on the same continuum as anger and contempt. The differences are that bitterness is anger directed toward a perceived higher-status; anger is directed toward a perceived equal-status; and contempt is anger directed toward a perceived lower-status individual. "Perceived" being the catalyst but not the rule (it also means 'understood'). MORE HERE

We must stop perpetuating gossip, half-truths and
detrimental bitterness just because we crave sympathy.


Why Jí
About This Website
by Don Jibaro

Someone told me once: "I've had a perfectly wonderful time, but this wasn't it." —Groucho Marx

Some time ago, I was playing guitar in a restaurant in Los Angeles, where I met an intelligent young Puerto Rican man who, was we sipped some espressos, told me about his struggles with the duality of the ethnicity of Puerto Ricans in the United States. By the inflections of his speech, I understood that to be "what you appear to be" to society and "what you are in reality". From then on, I kept seeing the phenomenon of identity as a virtual necessity to express that identity.

As part of the Diáspora, we take the Christmas, Easter and most holiday seasons too deep to heart. That's good. Our rich cultural traditions dominate the essence of our thinking... a cuatro... guiros... pasteles... La Plaza del Recreo...!!! Ah... We can't help but to have a couple of "pasteles" and maybe a cup of "coquito" in the back of our minds. Unfortunately, after January, all seems to fade away.

Like other ethnic groups, we, as Hispanic immigrants into the U.S.A., rely on that identity to establish our position in today's society. It's vital for us to accept it, since the world urges us to recognize ourselves as it recognizes us, not as we really are or anything else. READ MORE

If the police stops you, for whatever reason,
SHUT your mouth and follow their instructions

two pounds boneless lean pork meat
six tablespoons sour orange juice.
In a pilón, crush and mix:
4 sweet chili peppers,w/o seeds
2 large cloves garlic, peeled
2 tbsp whole dried oregano
1 tbsp salt
4 fresh culantro leaves
Cut into cubes 1 lb lean cured ham
1 green pepper, seeded]
1 onion, peeled
1 can garbanzos, inc. liquid  = 1 cup water
24 green olives, stuffed with pimientos,
11/2 tbsp capers
6 tbsp Achiote

Wash and dry pork meat. Cut into very small cupes. Mix meat with sour orange juice. Add the crushed chili peppers, garlic, oregano, culantro leaves and salt.
Add also ham, onion and green pepper. In a sauacepan, bring to a boil everything including garbanzos, and water. Drain the liquid over the meat mixture . Remove skins from chickpeas and add chickpeas to the meat mixture. Add olives and capers. Add ingredients all together, mix well, cover and set in refrigerator until the masa is ready. MORE RECIPES HERE

Never be bitter about the things you deserved
but didn't get, but be grateful for what you got
that you didn't deserve.

The Importance of Jesus Christ
by Don Jíbaro
Is Jesus Christ really part of your lives
or is He just an Icon at Easter and Christmas?

We "talk the talk" and more often than not, we "walk the walk."  It's consequently and imperative that we get to know that part of our culture that our ancestors staked the essence of their existence on... their faith in The Lord Jesus!  Yes, Jesus Christ is Lord to at least 2.35 BILLION humans throughout the world, even respected by those who don't even know Him. There's no doubt, we distinguish The Lord Jesus from other "deities". Your know that!... READ MORE

Don't answer some fool according to his foolishness,
or you'll be just as foolish as he is. —Proverbs 26:4

Never fear your critics... They're just people who
boast themselves of being hard to please
because nobody tries to please them.

"Therefore let us not judge one another anymore,
but rather determine this-- not to put an obstacle
or a stumbling block in a brother's way." Rom 14:13

You Definitely Gotta See this: LOS PERROS

"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails
to do it, for him it is a transgression." James 4:17

Two of the most remarkable classical pieces in music history have been converted into salsa by the genius of Sverre Indris Joner... Wait! This the Symphonies like you never heard them before. Pay attention to the syncopation and the relationship between two or more melodies that are independent in contour and rhythm and are harmonically interdependent. WoW!
Air in G -  Air Bach

Beethoven's Fifth

The Biggest Cuatro in the World
(video is in Spanish)



Book Review by Don Jíbaro
Cinco Siglos de Historia
About 14 yrs ago I visited La Universidad de Puerto Rico. At their bookstore I asked for the BEST book in Puerto Rican history they had. "Cinco Siglos de Historia" in Spanish, by Francisco Scarano from Fajardo now teaching at the Univ. of Wiconsin-Madison)...I own it... I READ IT, love it, now my brother in law asks me "What's good in PR Hist? "DON'T LET THE PRICE FOOL YOU, there's none BETTER, in real Academic SPANISH" Read for yourself  ►GO HERE

This is the Bottom Line

“Live in such a way that no one blames the rest of us 
nor finds fault with our work.” —(2 Corinthians 6:3)


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