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On Dreams
by Tony Alicea
PLEASE allow me to tell you an old anecdote that I wrote years ago about dreams... I have always been able to fly like Superman in my dreams, possibly because as a kid I was a devoted Superman comics fan.

Last night, after the usual discussion as to how these dudes and dudettes did not exist except as chemical reactions in my brain, suddenly I said "but wait! I can prove it!". It had not occurred to me in previous dreams...

I said "just watch": And I proceeded to *fly like Superman* in the first Superman movie, to the top of a high building in front of us and back down softly, again just like in the movie.

Everybody was amazed and clapping in disbelief! They had _never_ seen anything like that not even close to it before. I told them "you have just witnessed a physical impossibility, right?" To which they answered "yes by all means! But what just happened here?" I told them that it was because that was my dream and they were just in it. That they didn't exist and that because it was MY dream, I had the prerogative of flying.

One young lady asked me "so if it's you dreaming, where are you located in the physical world? Is there anyway that I could contact you in that world?" At which point I said "Delray Beach". But who's counting. I hope she doesn't present a claim somewhere in the Cosmic plane, Ha ha! :cool:

Anyone for an Association for the Prevention Of Cruelty To Dream Characters?

Tony Alicea a musician turned scientist and a close friend of Don Jibaro Orly since the 1960s. He has one of the oldest Puerto Rican websites on the net.

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