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Don Jíbaro’s Recipe for Roasted Turkey

NOTE: This is not El PAVOCHÓN menta'o...
although it seems similar. This is my own Don Jíbaro style recipe which many people have tasted and loved here in California) Disclaimer: USE THIS RECIPE in a discretionary manner!


Preparation of a 15 –20 lb. turkey one day before roasting:
1- Remove skin (optional) and excess fat.
2- Wash bird thoroughly under running water, drain and wipe dry with absorbent paper.
3- Place bird on cutting board or pan, breast side up. Gently, stab the turkey with a small paring knife with holes about one inch deep and ½ inch wide and one ½ inch apart. (Don’t worry, the openings will close themselves when roasting and basting. Prepare seasonings according to specs below.

(Don Jíbaro’s Not-So-Secret-Anymore Blend)

This seasoning powder is my own version of the popular adobo.
2 oz. ( ¼ cup) granulated garlic (NOT the smooth garlic powder)
2 tablespoons (1/8 cup) salt
3 envelopes of Sazón Goya
2 tablespoons of paprika
1 teaspoon of black pepper
2 teaspoons of ground oregano

Mix up all powders in a bowl using a fork. Rub mixed powder onto bird by massaging WELL… I mean WELL, dig in the holes, too! NO NEED to use ALL the powder, only to your taste and discretion. When done, place turkey inside fridge. (Overnight recommended)

Take half a cup of annatto seeds (achiote) and mix with one cup of Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL in a frying pan. HEAT OIL at medium flame until OIL becomes RED and seeds darken. Heat well, but DON’T LET OIL BURN. Strain out darkened seeds and discard. Now you have a cup of red oil to baste the bird.

1- Remove turkey from refrigerator 1/2 hour before cooking time.
2- Drain off any liquid that may have seeped from bird and pour liquid over meat before putting it in the oven.
3- Make a little tent of aluminum foil to cover the WHOLE baking dish. Tuck in the tent around the pan to seal in the bird.
4- Preheat oven for 10 minutes, and ROAST BIRD at 400 degrees F... for at least ONE (1) hour with the tent on (no basting yet)
5- After 1 hour remove tent and BASTE IN the ACHIOTE OIL with a soft NEW small paint brush.
6- Slide the turkey back in, raise heat to 475 degrees for another hour or so, basting the drippings every 15 minutes.
WELL… after two hours or so, you should have a roasted turkey that would make Martha Stewart drooling all over her apron at the Penitentiary where she is!

This MAY be USED as your STUFFING... It works for me GREATLY!
Solo en español... Sorry!!! Need Translation??  www.freetranslations.com

(double measurements for extra)
3 plátanos verdes
1/2 libra de chicharrón
3 dientes de ajos
1 cucharada de aceite de oliva

Monde los platanos y córtelos diagonalmente en tajadas de aproximandamente 1 pulgada de ancho. Remojelos en 4 tazas de agua con 1 cucharada de sal durante unos 15 minutos. Escúrralos. Caliente abundante aceite vegetal. Añada las tajadas de plátano y fria lentamente a temperatura moderada por unos 15 minutos, hasta que se cuezan, sin llegar a tostarse. Saquelas y escúrrralas.

En un pilón, muela bien los ajos y mezclelos con el aceite de oliva. Sáquelos del pilon. Muela en el pilon 3 tajadas de plátano frito. Añada un poco de chicharrón y muelalos. Agrégueles parte del ajo con aceite y mezcle.

OPCIONAL: Forme bolas y sirva caliente.

Please, Have a Grateful Thanksgiving!

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